Digital Marketing Kickstart for 2018

Your online world is more important than ever, but without the resources of a full time marketing staff, it can seem overwhelming at times to focus on the most important parts.  As independent photographers we want to have a compelling online presence that gives us what we need, but where we aren’t wasting time on activities with little to no results.

Let’s take a look at the state of modern marketing in 2018, talk about how that relates to professional photography, and figure out if our marketing needs a reboot.  Having a digital presence is useless if it doesn’t produce results; let’s focus on using our website, social media, and email effectively, and how that ties into offline marketing and networking.

Take away:

* Beyond old-school blogging: content strategy is key for the future

* Social media and social networking: Pay to play?  Spray and pray?  Something else entirely?

* Email: The most effective tool we all pretend to hate

* Crossing the digital/analog divide: tying your online marketing into offline efforts

A Little Bit About Aaron:

Aaron Hockley, Cr.Photog., FP-OPPA brings a mixture of expertise in both the technology and photography spaces, and mixes that together to help photographers find more success in the online world.  He’s worked in the online publishing space for over ten years and has spoken at events such as BlogWorld and New Media Expo. In the photographic world, he’s recognized by PPA as a Photographic Craftsman as as a Fellow of Photography by the Oregon Professional Photographers Association. In 2015 he was awarded third place for Illustrative/Commercial images at PPA’s Grand Imaging Awards.

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