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19th CENTURY COSTUME PARTY with a science fiction flair! Stretch your imagination and join in the FUN.  


Western Steampunk combines science fiction and fantasy, technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th century  industrial steam powered machinery.  The western part is just adding some cowboy essenceNeed inspiration?  Ask Dalisa for ideas 


 IN COSTUME before dinner on the stairs!


Bring some extra cash for fun tickets to experience our Photo Booth, participate in Mini Photographic Demos, and play Minute to Win It games!


The fun tickets you purchase are going to be green as the money you bought them with. But the goal in the end is to get as many Golden Tickets by the end of the Fun Party! You ask me how? There are a few ways to get them:

Photo Booth: Pay one green ticket, get your photo taken, receive on Golden Ticket. If you want to get photo taken without a green ticket, no Golden Ticket will be given. And since you will be all gussied up, why not get a photo taken!

Mini Demos: Instructors will be giving a 15 minute demo about something in photography. There will be several stations to go to. Attend a Mini Demo, pay a green ticket, finish the demo receive a Golden Ticket. If you can answer their Bonus Question, win a Golden Ticket. You may actually learn something to take home. Watch all Mini Demos, win more Golden Tickets!

"Minute to Win It" Games: If you haven't heard about these types of games. Search "Minute to Win It" games and see what type of fun, silly, challenging games we'll be playing. Two people play against each other, one green ticket to play, the winner of the game wins one Golden Ticket! Play as many games as you can and get the most Golden Tickets possible.

Remaining Tickets:  What happens if you don't use all your green tickets? Not to worry, we will have a table of donation items that you can drop your tickets into a jar to be drawn as a winner for that treasure.

The person with the most Golden Tickets gets to draw from our vendor donated gifts first! You may never know what you may have to choose from. May you be the WINNER!


Join us in the Hospitality Room # 354 for more fun times.

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